Five Loaves Bakery
This business evolved out of a desire by the owners for their local town to have its own bakery to utilise the flour produced by the local mill.
After completing 7 months full time training at Regency TAFE, Michael and Katrina Agnew had a bakery built in the main street of Cummins, culminating in the opening of five loaves bakery and licensed café.
We love it! Our perforated ceiling absorbs sound- so even when the place is full of people, its never too noisy! It is a place to stop along the way, a break from your travels. We have clean rest rooms and a baby change table. The outdoor area is pleasant to sit in and if you have a dog, there is fresh water available.
As well as baking a range of the usual bakery goods, we also specialise in Sourdoughs and Artisan breads, decorated cakes and fine coffee.

We owe much of our success to the friendly staff who work as a team to provide both excellent quality food and beverages in a relaxing atmosphere. It is important to provide employment for local people, and our staff cover a range of age groups and experience, from senior staff who bring wisdom and a strong work ethic to the juniors who are learning how to serve people, amongst other skills.

Sometimes we also have work experience students. We believe that work experience is a valuable time for students to spend time in a business or industry to develop new skills or appreciation of different careers.

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